Thrust Reverser Sling-LH/RH


The Thrust Reverser Sling is used to pick the Thrust Reverser Engineering Assembly (Both LH/RH) from the ACFT /Shipping container and place the same on the Thrust Reverser Dolly for maintenance purpose.
The Manual Hoist connected to the Latch beam location Via the Nylon Strap can be operated to tilt the TR Engineering assembly at various angles during Installation and removal from ACFT on to the dolly and vise-versa

This tool is the only tool validated to lift the A220 Thrust Reverser. If the Thrust Reverser is lifted using another tool, and there is damage, the insurance may not cover the damage.

Dedienne Aerospace has regional facilities to aid in the required annual testing and recertification.

125 x 140 x 55 cm

150 KG